A durable boutique MIDI Mixer

The new and improved KNTRL9 MK2 is coming up soon!

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Midique (a contraction of MIDI and boutique) produces high quality boutique MIDI controllers, made from sustainable materials like hard wood and aluminium. Midique focuses on high quality controllers that give a sturdy, almost classic feel, opposed to the lightweight “plastic” feel of most products of competitors. Extra care has been taken to select the best components that have that specific Midique quality and feel.

  • 9 channels (8 tracks + 1 master)
  • 27 stainless steel custom made rotary knobs
  • 9 60mm fader
  • 9 full color RGB LED
  • Full Ableton Live integration
  • High fader and rotary knob precision (10 bits/1024 steps)
  • Fully MIDI  compatibility (works with any DAW)
  • USB powered (cable included)
  • MIDI DIN support
  • Easily change track assignment in Ableton Live
  • Easy knob assignment in Ableton Live
  • Made from durable materials
  • Compact (25 x 20 x 2,7 cm, or 25 x 20 x 4,2 cm with knobs)
  • Made in Berlin