Corona update

Even though I’m still working full time on the KNTRL9 and Midique, I also start to feel the consequences of the global Corona crisis.

Most suppliers currently have taken measures to limit the spreading of the virus. This means that some work half the hours and/or from home which has impact on the planning. Since I’m depending on these suppliers for quotations and prototyping, it will unfortunately take a bit longer until I have all the information together to calculate the final price of the KNTRL9.

Just to give you an idea of where I am right now:

The following quotations are already in:
– Top panel
– Bottom panel
– PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
– Most electronic components

I still have to get final quotations for the following parts:
– Woodwork (The wood supplier had a Corona case and is closed. I’m wishing for a speedy recovery for the employee(s) involved! I am looking for a solution here.)
– Some components (testing some newly released potentiometers that seem very promising, there’s some delay in the delivery)
– Slider and rotary knobs (Delayed due to Corona, planning currently unclear)
– Packaging

The original planning was to have all quotations in by the 1st of April 2020 and publish the price of the KNTRL9 that same day. Given the current situation, this might take some more time. I hope for your understanding.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!