Panels are coming in soon, had my first gig with the controller

Hi everyone,

As promised, another update near the end of August. As planned, the panels are almost done! According to the factory, the first 25 are ready so with this speed, I'm hopeful that they will ship next week (although they couldn't give me an exact date yet). I already took the liberty to book the CNC machine for two days next week. I will use the machine to drill in the extra holes so that the potentiometers will properly fit.

After that I will start assembling all controllers. Note that this can still take some time and you will receive the KNTRL9 in the order they were ordered.

One of the finished panels

One of the finished panels. I like that they added a protective sticker to avoid scratches.

I also had my first gig with the KNTRL9 at the Bucht der Träumer festival in Germany! It's been a while (before Corona even) since I had a gig in general so my live set needed some updating but the KNTRL9 worked like a charm. I obviously tested it thoroughly but to actually use it before an audience is something else. The set went great though!

It was a bit too dark to make any decent photographs so this is not the best photo ever but I wanted to share this anyway.

That's it for now. I will send another update when I start working on the panels to finish them.