Panels are in, MIDI DIN is working

I am getting closer and closer to the end result! This week, the panels finally came in (they were in transit for over 1 month).


The panels are don’t have the print yet. I will do this myself using laser marking.


For the woodwork I’ve created a bed for the wood to fit in so that it will stick in place during the CNC work.

The “bed” that will hold the woodwork in place during machining.

The bed has two holes that will be above the vacuum holes of the CNC machine. That way, the wood will stay in its place.


I did a little test using the MIDI DIN plug. It seems to be working so after some small changes to the PCB I will mass order the boards next week.

That’s it for now. The coming weeks are going to be really busy. Loads of things are coming together now. I’ll keep you up to date!