Price down + adding functionality. How???

It has been silent from my side for a while. Besides the fact that I was sick for a few weeks (yes that one), I also needed a bit more time to process the failure of the campaign.

The last few weeks I’ve been redesigning the KNTRL9, based on your feedback.

I do think that it might have been a good thing for the campaign to fail. Although I’m certain the product was good but in real life not enough people were prepared to pay extra for a product that was made locally. Corona also was a reason for some people to postpone the purchase of a MIDI controller. So, in order to get the price down, I decided to do a bit more shopping around for some of the parts.

I am also taking some of the production chain in my own hand and I took a CNC course so that I can do the woodwork myself!

Me learning to CNC, yikes!

Even though some more parts will be from different manufacturers than before, I will guarantee the same quality.

Getting that price down!

Last week, I spend a few days trying to get the price down. I double checked every single part if there was a cheaper alternative that has the same quality, I’m sending RFQ’s (request for quote) around to more companies to get better prices.

I have already been able to get the price down by €70! I’m going to do my best to get it down even more.

Sneak preview of the KNTRL9 MK2

To get an idea of the new KNTRL9 (these are all renderings of course):

It has 3 x 9 rotary knobs! The LEDs have moved down so that they’re better visible.

It now has a MIDI DIN connector!