The First Prototype

The first case for the prototype that I designed was produced by Rieger design in Berlin ( who also consulted me.

The prototype does not contain the knobs or buttons but gave a good idea of the end product.

The rotary knobs were designed in a team effort with Giorgi Rogava and have a knurled pattern for extra grip (and good looks). They are inspired by guitar knobs from the 1960’s, adapted to the size of the KNTRL9. I’m currently looking into the costs of having them produced. The 3D print is a perfect fit (although my printer seems to have some issues with the thin bottom as you can see in the picture).

It will eventually look like this

Where I Am At

I’m now working at the new prototype that will look more like the end result. The PCB design for this is done, the 3D models are done and I’ve arranged a CNC-milling machine I can use (thanks to Hoepner-Hoepner).

This week I will create the new case and send  the PCB design to the factory to get the result in next week. I’ll then assemble the PCB and make the new prototype.

The next challenge is the push buttons. I decided not to go for the standard silicone buttons (as you can see I still did in the rendering blow). Reason for this is that I (and others I talked to) prefer the tactile push buttons which are easier to press and give this nice ‘click’-feedback so you know you actually pressed something. I’m testing 4 different buttons right now