Weekly update 18


This is the 18th weekly update! I will keep it short again this week.


I'm still waiting for the sample. It should arrive next week or the week after (depending on the mail). Hopefully I have some good news then.


I drilled the holes in all of the woodwork so that the bottom panel will fit. I was originally planning to do this by hand but I decided it would be better to use the CNC machine for that (and I'm glad I did because doing all this by hand would have been a lot of work).

All walnut parts are sanded down and lacquered. Now waiting for them to dry. Next week I will do the last part of the oak (most of them are already done).


The packaging came in last week and looks great!


In the mean time I'm perfecting the software. I made some improvements in the editor and firmware. Also the Ableton MIDI Remote script got some small improvements.

That was it for this week. See you next week with hopefully good news about the panels!