Weekly update 20

Hey all,

This is the 20th weekly update.


The sample panel still didn't arrive this week so I contacted the sender. Turns out, there was a mistake in the address and the package was (about to be) sent back to the Netherlands. I think we managed to intervene before it was actually sent back and when that works out, the package will be delivered either today or on Monday (I'm sitting next to the door now).

I have booked the CNC machine on Monday evening so I really hope it will arrive before then so I can test it out and immediately order the whole batch.


Since I'm now waiting for the panels anyway, I am improving the software more and more. I updated NRPN messages to also support MIDI channels so it works with all devices that support NRPN. Next to that I improved the memory storage on the device to support be able to more features in the future.

As requested by one user, it will now also be possible to use USB and MIDI out at the same time so you can control your DAW and a hardware device simultaneously.

I am currently also improving the editor so that it's easier to save and load presets.


All necessary woodwork is finished. There are still a few that need lacquering and sanding but they spare ones and probably won't be used. I will finish them next week nonetheless just in case.

In the following two weeks I will clean all PCBs, a few at a time each day. This is very tedious work so since I now have the "luxury" of more time, I decided to spread it out over multiple weeks (lucky me!).

Other than that, all other things are finished.


Even though I currently have enough to work on and improve, I am planning to reserve some time in the near future to create the much requested video on the workings of the KNTRL9. More on that soon.


The again very unfortunate (and frustrating) slip up with the mail may have delayed the delivery again, however, it is something that I already took into account in the last planning (yes, I've learned). So we're still looking at shipping in the third or fourth week of August, continuing into September.

That was it for this week. See you next week!