Weekly update 23

Hey there!

This is the 23rd weekly update.


The panel factory managed to find the perfect hole size for the LED pipes (the manufacturer gave me the wrong size, which made them fall out when holding the controller upside down). The test they made for this is on its way to me but they are starting production regardless of my findings.

Due to holidays they are a bit short-staffed at the moment but they assured me that they will work towards the current deadline of mid August.


I'm still testing the different software parts (firmware, editor and Ableton script). The controller firmware itself has not revealed any bugs still so that seems to be all good. Also during beta testing nothing came up (although more beta testing is being done).

I did find some nicely hidden bugs in the Ableton MIDI Remote script which I have solved this week. I'm still testing as many workflows as possible to find and fix more bugs. I expect it to be ready when the controllers ships.

Cleaning the PCBs

I've been showing some real cleaning avoiding behavior this week but I managed to do another 10% of the PCBs, meaning that there are only 10 left to finish! I could spread this out over a few weeks but I will try to be strong and finish them next week all at once(!).


As soon as the panels are in, I will drill the holes for the potentiometers and finally start assembling the controllers! We're still looking at beginning of shipping mid or end August. I will keep you up to date!

See you next week!