Weekly update 3

As mentioned last week, I’m currently working on the packaging. I made a rough design and now a designer who is specialized in packaging is improving it. I will get the end result this week so I can send them to the packaging company.

Some people already noticed that the corners of the woodwork were not as well done as they could be. This is true, the prototypes were not perfect. The end product will of course not have this problem. Today I visited my woodworker Tino from Tischlerei Finke in Berlin that can make the corners perfect.

Tino working on the wooden casing

Meanwhile, parts are coming in. This week the last electrical components came in as well as the USB cables and a bunch of screws, nuts and washers.


There still are a few controllers left. I haven't been doing any marketing yet but might do this soon to sell the last few. So if you are still looking to pre-order one, this might be a good time.

The plan to assemble the devices in April still stands. There might however be some shipping delays because of legal issues but these will probably only affect German customers (sorry guys!). I’m trying to work with the institutions that handle these things to see if there’s a possibility to speed the process up.

That’s it for this week. As always, if you have any questions you can mail me at koen@midique.com.