Working full time

Now that the controller is finally coming together, I have made the switch to working full time for Midique. After the crowdfunding campaign, I had to take on a side job as a software developer to cover my costs of living and to be able to continue developing the controller.

Working full time works better in two ways: 1. I have more time to finish the controller and 2. I can fully focus on this one project without being distracted by another one.

Status of the controller

I’ve been getting quite some messages from people who want to know where to buy the controller (thanks everyone!). The good news is: I am nearing completion of the new and improved version! Can’t wait to finally see people using it!

Due to the COVID situation, there still are some uncertainties. There is still a shortage on raw materials and delivery is taking a long time. I have to wait weeks just for some samples, only to find that they are not quite what I want yet, send them back and wait for the new samples. This whole process can sometimes take months.

Luckily, the end is in sight. Here an overview of the current status:

  • Rotary knobs: final product produced and arrived!
  • Rotary potentiometers: final product produced and arrived!
  • Slider potentiometers: samples are on the way
  • Slider knobs: waiting for second sample (photos look promising!)
  • PCB: new revised samples are being produced
  • Software: working alpha version
  • Top and bottom panel: final product on the way
  • Woodwork: sample ready to be to CNCed next week

The new sample of the sliders. They are better polished and have a black indicator, just like the rotary knobs do.


So with all that in mind, I hope I can start (pre)selling and producing in January 2022. Of course, this is all still very uncertain due to COVID but this is what I will be working my ass off for.


As soon as the price is known, the presale will start and I will send everyone who believed in this project and subscribed to the newsletter a special offer (so don’t forget to subscribe!).