MIDI controller adventures

All my daily struggles and adventures while making a MIDI controller.

Update July

Here’s another exciting update on the KNTRL9! I mainly have been busy with getting the knobs done and improving the software. Where in the beginning everything seemed to be going smoothly, the last month some things went a little different than how I’d hoped. But I guess that’s life and I’m positive the KNTRL9 will …

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Update June

Due to some private events it has been a while since I’ve posted an update. That doesn’t mean that nothing has happened though. On the contrary! The last month there has been quite some progress which I will talk about in this post. Rotary knobs came in The first test batch of rotary knobs came …

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Perfect fit!

  This week a few exciting things happened: I ordered the top panel The first oak frame is ready I finally got a smooth signal from the controller I started working on a programmer manual in order to make DAW scripts (mainly Ableton MIDI remote scripts) I got some amazing responses from the Ableton communities …

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It works on my machine!

Today was a good day. The weather is great outside but more importantly, I got the controller working in Ableton! It’s not finished of course, but I was able to control faders and sends with it. The lights don’t work yet so that will be my next focus.  http://midique.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/IMG_7394.mov

Corona update

Even though I’m still working full time on the KNTRL9 and Midique, I also start to feel the consequences of the global Corona crisis. Most suppliers currently have taken measures to limit the spreading of the virus. This means that some work half the hours and/or from home which has impact on the planning. Since …

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MIDI 2.0

Something really exciting happened while I was designing my MIDI controller: MIDI 2.0 was adopted! After 37 years of MIDI 1 (with an additional upgrade to support 14 bits signals), the new MIDI is finally here. Why a new version? As said, the old version has been around for a while. It was developed in …

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