Assembly progress update

Hey all,

Here an update on the progress of the assembly. It's going well, over 60% is done and shipped and this week the next 20 - 30% will be done. The last 10 - 20% of the orders might take longer since not all PCBs turned out to work 100% and either need rework or replacement. Apart from that, from next week on I will have less time per week to work on the controllers. But we're almost there.


I've already received some great feedback from people. A few quotes:

"This thing is really awesome. The knobs just feel so good!!! And the packaging and everything around it feels very high quality and it was fun unpacking it!"

"Really impressed with the built quality!"

"Finally after waiting for so long it's here! That's the most beautiful controller ever. Everything's handmade by Koen Schepens. The wait was worth it."

Looking forward for your feedback as well!


This is the first time I ship products and I'm not 100% familiar with the customs progress (although I'm learning). Some of the packages are currently still stuck at customs so if you live outside of the EU, some more patience might be required, sorry about that. Let me know when the package arrives and if there were any issues with it. I would love to know how this went.

Firmware update

The firmware version on the KNTRL9 should be at v0.5. Some of you may still have v0.4 on the controller. In this case you will get a message in the editor that you have to upgrade.

It is currently not possible (yet) to use the editor to upgrade the firmware but you can just continue to work with v0.4. The only bug is that if you press shift on the KNTRL9 while in Ableton mode, without selecting another preset using the left or right button, you will enter an unknown, non-functional mode. This can easily be solved by pressing left and right while holding shift. After that, everything works fine.

This is fixed in v0.5 and instructions on how to upgrade will be published soon. Sorry about the inconvenience!

That's it for now!