Weekly update 10

Hey everyone!

This is the 10th weekly update.


The panels finally came in this week! I will randomly select a few for quality inspection and when they are good, I will start milling in the notches for the potentiometers.


Most of the woodwork is milled and ready to be glued into frames. I'm still waiting for a few more walnut parts (a few failed during the milling process and have to be redone) which should come in next week or so. However, the first batch is ready to be assembled.


The motherboards are done and I will start soldering the main boards next week.


This week I spent time to add some new functionalities in the firmware. This includes some new features for the Ableton MIDI remote script and for the editor. I also created a test to be able to thoroughly test each controller before shipping.


Next week I will start on the woodwork. After that I can start finishing the panels and the PCBs and then the actual assembly in a few weeks!