Weekly update 11

Hi everyone,

This is the 11th update!

I'm afraid that our patience will be tested a bit more. For the second time, a factory delivered a bad product and again it's the panels. The samples they sent me were good and I gave them a go. However, in the end product, the rivets on the back are very visible at the front. This is not acceptable and I'm now trying to work towards a solution with the factory. Of course, they deny any wrongdoing but luckily the deal was done with an independent third party so hopefully I have a chance here.

Damage from the rivetting

The visible damage of the riveting on the front

The sample

The sample does not show this problem (I'm holding both in the exact same position in the light)

Whether or not I will get my money back or find a solution with the factory, this of course means that the panels have to be redone and this will cost time (think order of weeks/months). How much this exactly will impact the planning is yet still unknown. I will let you know as soon as I know more.

Since not everyone that pre-ordered the KNTRL9 is receiving these mails/reading the blog, I will send out a separate mail about this so some of you might receive a mail on this subject twice.

I always try to keep these mails/blog posts objective but I have to admit that this has had quite some emotional impact on me. However, I want everyone to know that I will solve this and the KNTRL9 is coming your way. It just takes a bit more time. Thank you for your patience and support!

Other news

The last days I mainly have been making an inventory on the state of the delivered panels and making a case against the factory (or working with them to find a solution). Other than that, I programmed the motherboards and am currently soldering the main boards (containing the potentiometers). I hope to get all of that done this week and start gluing the woodwork.

I'm still waiting for the faders but they arrived in Germany this week after some strange detour via the Netherlands.

When the factory and I cannot find a solution, I will also contact other factories for the panels.

That's it for this week. I will write an update as soon as I can tell more about the situation with the panels.