Weekly update 12

Hi everyone,

This is the 12th update!


As you probably know, the panels I ordered were not of the same quality as the samples they sent me earlier (see last post). The factory and I could not find a solution together (they deny everything) so I escalated the refund application to the independent third party. They will get back to me this week to help negotiate. I now just hope to get my money back.

In the meantime I have sent a new RFQ for the panels to a factory in the Netherlands that has sent me high quality samples before. I hope to get a new quotation from them this week. I trust this factory to do a good job, as they have helped me in the past and they not only deliver high quality, they also help to think with me and have good quality assurance. They are however more expensive than the Chinese factory.


I'm currently at about 40% in soldering the main boards (the boards with the faders and rotaries on them). I managed to decrease the time to solder one board by half so it's going faster now. I did notice however that soldering the whole day gives me RSI so I will now alternate between soldering and gluing the woodwork.


The woodwork still needs to be glued, sanded and lacquered. I'm currently in the process of gluing. After that it needs to dry 48 hours before I can continue. I now glued about 20% of them.

Apart from this, I'm still waiting for one quarter of the woodwork to be sawed. My woodworker is currently busy with other projects but I hope he can deliver before next week. Otherwise I might have to look for someone else to help me.


I hope to start the sales of the last batch soon. The price however will be higher than the first batch. This of course has to do with the new panel price and current inflation. The previous price was based on the costs of 2 years ago and by now prices of most parts have almost doubled. Obviously, I will take any other costs for my own account (for instance the costs of the failed batch of panels will not be included in the new price).


That's it for this week. See you next week!