Weekly update 13

Hi there!

Here is the 13th weekly update! As usual, I'm really busy so I will keep it short.


The most important parts are the moment are of course the panels. I'm still working on the refund but unfortunately, the reaction of the third party is that I did not specify what the quality of the panels should be and they therefore sided with the factory. I strongly disagree with them and provided more proof and am waiting for another reaction.

In the mean time, new panels are being worked on. I am expecting a new offer this week and will then hopefully be able to tell more about the new shipping date.


I'm currently at 70% soldering the new PCBs. Hope to finish them this week or start of next week.

The only thing that isn't soldered on yet, are the slide potentiometers. They have been stuck at customs for a week now. Hope to receive them soon.


I will finish the gluing this week. After that I will sand and lacquer all wooden frames. There also are some wooden frames that didn't turn out that well and will be replaced by new ones. This will be done in about two weeks by the carpenter.

Wood is drying

The glue is drying


And also some good news: the very last batch of KNTRL9s can finally be pre-ordered!!! Get yours here: https://midique.com/products/midique-kntrl9-mk2


I need somebody!

Besides working hard to get the controllers to you, I'm also looking into what the future of Midique should look like. One thing I have become to realize, is that doing everything alone is quite hard and very time consuming.

I'm therefore looking for a business partner. If you or anyone you know might be interested in running this together with me, please let me know.

I'm looking for someone that might have some experience in running a company and will mainly help me with the non technical part of the company. Preferably someone who lives in or near Berlin. If you know anyone, please mail me at koen@midique.com.

That was it for this week.