Weekly update 14

Hey all,

Here is the 14th weekly update!


The person who handles the panel quotation at the factory was sick last week but luckily is better again. She expects to get the quotation out this week. As soon as I get this quotation, I will also know what the expected delivery date will be and I can give you guys an update on the planning.


I have now soldered 90% of the main boards and since the faders finally have arrived, I was able to include them in the last 15% of the boards. I only need to solder the last 10% of the boards and then solder the rest of the faders onto the other boards so I expect to finish this this week!

Soldering the boards with the faders

Finally soldering the faders on!


All the wood that I have now is glued and basically ready to be lacquered. This accounts for about 75% of the total orders. This week the carpenter will order the new wood for the last 25% of controllers and he will try to saw them this week but says it might bee too much so the rest might be finished end of the month (there's a holiday in between).

I don't expect the panels to be in by that time anyway so that's fine.

To the sky and beyond!


I spent last weekend finishing the Ableton remote script. I actually planned to do this after the controllers would have been shipped but since there is a delay in production anyway, I thought it would be better to do this right now. The script is basically done but it still needs to be tested extensively and I need to make some adaptions for Ableton 11 version as well.

I hope to make a video on this when I have the time.

That was it for this week. See you next week!