Weekly update 16

Hey everyone,

This is the 16th weekly update on the KNTRL9. Again, this time I will keep it short.

If you haven't done so yet already, please fill in my survey about Midique. I will use it to make plans for the future of Midique.


It will take less than 5 minutes of your time.


I am still negotiating on the new panels but the factory lead time is around 6 weeks. I obviously will need samples first to see if the result is satisfactory so the actual lead time will be longer. I am expecting to get a plan from the factory today and will update you next week on the planning.


The new wooden parts came in last week and this week I used the rare free slots for the CNC machine to mill them. All of the woodwork is now milled. Some parts still need to be glued, sanded and lacquered which I will do next week.


The soldering is almost done. It was delayed because I was able to work on the woodwork which I prioritized over this. Anyway, I expect to finish the soldering today! After that, the boards still need to be cleaned at tested.


The packaging has been made and is currently being printed. I expect them to ship next week.

That was it for this week! I will come up with the new planning next week. I was hoping to do that this week but the factory for the panels needed some more time to come up with the planning on their end due to public holidays.