Weekly update 17


This is the 17th weekly update with finally some news on the panels!


The order for the new panels has been given. I expect the sample to arrive in about two weeks. If the sample turns out to be good, the final order will be given and it will take up to about 5-6 weeks for them to be shipped to me. Now we need to take two times shipping time into account so I expect the final products to arrive in the second week of August.


All woodwork has been glued and about half has been lacquered and is ready. Next week I invited some friends to finish the last half of the woodwork. This is sanding and lacquering.


All PCBs are soldered. The only thing that needs to be done is clean them.


With the panels coming in second week of August, I expect to be able to start the post-processing of the panels and immediately after I will start assembling the controllers! Post processing should take about three days (depending on the availability of the CNC machine).

Assembling also takes some time so realistically, the controllers should start shipping from the third or fourth week of August and will continue into September. It's done in the order of ordering (the lower your order number, the higher up you are on the list, #1000 being the first).

In the meantime I will make good use of this time to finish off all loose ends which is mainly software and testing.

That's it for this week! See you next week!