Weekly update 19

Hey there!

Another very short update this week.

The sample panel is ready and is on its way to Berlin! I was hoping to receive it this week but it didn't. It is however on its way and it should arrive next week so I already booked the CNC machine to make the extra holes for the potis to test it out right away. If it turns out to be ok, I can immediately order the full batch. It should then take a few weeks for them to arrive (about 4 to 5 according to the factory) after which assembly can finally start.

In the mean time I finished the oak frames (some are still drying as we speak) and I'm now making more improvements on the software and testing everything thoroughly. Yesterday I tested the KNTRL9 on the Electron Analog Rytm MK1 using the MIDI out. It worked perfectly with normal CC but there was a small issue with NRPN messages which I will fix this weekend.

That was it for this week. I'll be back next week with a new update
and hopefully finally some news on whether the panel is good!

See you then!