Weekly update 21

Hey everyone,

This is the 21st weekly update with good news about the panels!


The sample panel came in this week and it's (almost) perfect! The LED pipes for the lights are not a 100% perfect fit but this should be an easy fix. So I will order the panels next week!

The panel is of perfect quality and also the print is way more detailed than in the last order.


I made more improvements to the software tool. It now is more in the house style of the website and it generally just looks a bit better. It also has some new features like warning to save changes before exit, it gives you a message when a new firmware version is available and much more.




So on Monday the panels will be ordered. In the mean time I still have some PCBs I need to clean and to do some testing. When the panels arrive, I can start production! This is still expected to happen end of August/beginning of September.

See you next week!