Weekly update 24

Hey everyone,

This is the 24th update about the KNTRL9. We're almost there!


I spoke to the factory today and asked them about a final date. Like they mentioned before, they have people that are on holiday but have already started the preparations. On the 22nd of August, their CNC operator is back and they can start production. This means that they will send the panels a week later. This is a bit later than I was expecting but at least we finally have a hard date now. Keep in mind that after that, I also need to do some work before I can finally ship them to you.

Also the example panel for the LED pipes arrived (see last week's blog). I randomly tried a few of them and the size they picked seems to be a perfect fit for all of them. To hopefully help other manufacturers, I informed the LED pipe factory that they are giving the wrong sizes to their customers.

Beta testing

Today I went to see Nils Hoffmann who has been kind enough to help me out with Beta testing. He was very enthusiastic about the controller. A video of our meeting is in the making!


I'm preparing an instruction video on how to use the KNTRL9. Be sure to also watch the videos of the previous model on my Youtube channel. This controller is slightly different but the principals still work the same. Videos of the new controller are also on their way.

PCB cleaning

Great news: all PCBs are now (finally!) cleaned and ready. Each PCB will still be thoroughly tested before it will be shipped and this will happen during assembly (or actually right before that).

That's it for this week. See you next week!