Weekly update 5

Like I already mentioned, last week I had to go to the Netherlands for a family matter. Luckily, I was able to do some work on my laptop but not as much as I would be able to do usually. I will therefore keep it short this week.


I managed to finish a large part of the KNTRL9 editor and it can now upload new firmware to the KNTRL9. This still needs some work on the user interaction but it's almost done.


The wood came in on Saturday and was brought to the woodworker on Monday. If all goes to plan, he will work on it this weekend and I will book the CNC machine to finish it next week. This is one of the most time-critical parts of the project so I'm excited that it's starting next week.


This week the new PCBs came in and I'm currently soldering and testing them. If they work without issues, I hope to order the full batch this week.

3D printer

As you all know, I'm using as little plastics as possible. Sometimes however, you can't get around it. For the inside of the slider knobs I am 3D-printing the parts myself (from recycled PLA). Unfortunately, the printer broke down last week (I'm about half way). Luckily, the replacement part will come this week so I can continue printing.


The package design is ready and was sent to the printing/packaging firm. They are sending me two examples of package material. I have to choose one and send them a prototype. That should happen this week.


I still expect to ship in spring 2022. Probably mid or end spring.

That was it for this week. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at koen@midique.com.