Wow! Sold out within a few days!


The sales of the KNTRL9 went amazing and the first batch was presold out within 5 days! Some websites like gearnews, amazona, gearjunkies and many more wrote about the KNTRL9 which made it gain more traction.

What will happen now?

As soon as the Chinese holiday is over (February 9th), I will start ordering the parts. When they are ordered, I will work on debugging and testing the firmware, getting packaging ready, creating the woodwork etc.

According to the current planning, the controllers will start shipping beginning of April 2022. Note that this is just a rough planning and things might change! Sometimes it can take longer for parts to arrive due to problems in the factory or issues with shipping. So take into account that your controller might arrive later in spring 2022!

For those interested, have a look at the detailed planning.

When can we order the KNTRL9 again?

I currently only have 50 chips available for the first batch. These were the very last ones I could order before they totally went out of stock due to the global chip shortage.

I now ordered similar chips that will not fit in the current controller. In order for them to fit, I need to make some changes to the PCB design. I hope to be able to test the new chips in a week or so. If they work, I will start pre-selling the controllers again. I will send out a mail to everyone so if you are interested so don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter on the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind that I run this company alone and that the new batch will also be limited to 50. I will work hard to sell even more soon!