Will the KNTRL9 work with other DAWs than Ableton?

Yes. The KNTRL9 works with MIDI which will work with about any DAW.

Will it work in my hardware setup?

Yes, but you will need a MIDI USB host to connect it to devices which have MIDI DIN plugs (regular MIDI cables). Want to know how to set it up? Read my blog post about this.

When can I buy the KNTRL9?

At first, the KNTRL9 will be available only via crowdfunding. The campaign will start on January 5th, 2021 and will go on for 30 days. After that, it will take some time to produce and test all devices. If all goes well, the controllers will be ready to ship May 2021.

How much will the KNTRL9 cost?

I ended up with a retail price of € 450,- (US$ 550,-), incl. VAT.

But… for my crowdfunding supporters I will of course have a lower price, since you are helping me out to make this dream a reality! So here’s what I came up with for the people who support me on Kickstarter:

– First 50 controllers : € 290,- (US$ 355,-)
– Next 75 controllers: € 340,- (US$ 417,-)
– After that (during the entire crowdfunding campaign): € 390,- (US$ 478,-)

Does the KNTRL9 have motorised faders?

No. I looked into this when I started this project, but I had to decide against it for the following reasons:

  • Price: The cheapest (still decent) motorised fader, costs about € 20 a piece. Times 9 for the KNTRL9 makes €180, just on faders. 
  • Power: A motorised fader draws a lot more current than a normal one. Since I want the KNTRL9 to be powered over USB, this wouldn’t work.
  • Space: Motorised faders unfortunately are quite bulky. It would make my controller a lot bigger (higher and wider) if I would have to accommodate for such faders. Since my goal was to create a compact and portable controller, this wasn’t really an option. 

Why is the KNTRL9 more expensive than similar controllers?

The KNTRL9 isn’t like the others and is a bit more expensive. There are numerous reasons for this.

  1. Material costs: In order to make the KNTRL9 into a durable controller, only the best components and materials were selected. Needless to say, these parts are more expensive than off-brand components.
  2. Small startup: Yes, Midique is new! It is still small (only me) and I can therefor not compete in pricing with the big guys who can buy parts at bulk discount prices. The plus side is: Every controller is hand assembled with loads of love!
  3. Investment in the future: Midique is here to stay! To guarantee that, I need to look ahead. The KNTRL9 is the first controller but there are more to come. I want to guarantee that you can get support years after buying the product and can look forward to new products to complement your KNTRL9.

Does it have a MIDI in/out DIN socket?

The current KNTRL9 prototypes only have USB. This is because the main goal of the KNTRL9 is to serve as a DAW controller. However, since I get loads of requests for MIDI IN/OUT, I will add this as a stretch goal to the Kickstarter campaign; if the campaign is really successful, this feature might get added (need to do some research of course so I cannot promise this yet)! 

Can I get the KNTRL9 in another color?

For now, the KNTRL9 is available in metallic only. The idea behind this is that it kind of resembles classic equipment from the 1970s.

There have been a lot of requests for a black edition however so at the time of writing, I’m working on getting some offers for a black edition. I will hopefully have more on this when the crowdfunding campaign starts.

My question is not answered here

If your question is not answered, just send me an email (koen at midique dot com), or visit my Discord server where I answer questions and discuss everything related to the KNTRL9 and Midique