Will the KNTRL9 work with DAWs other than Ableton?

Yes. The KNTRL9 works with MIDI which will work with about any DAW.

Will it work in my hardware setup?

Yes. The KNTRL9 can be fully customized and has both USB and MIDI DIN OUT support.

When will I receive my controller?

The KNTRL9 will be available as a pre-order. This means that the product is not in stock yet but will be produced as soon as enough orders are in. The planning is to start ordering the parts in the second week of February 2022. In the meantime, I will start producing the parts that I make myself (the woodwork for instance).

As soon as all the parts are in, the controllers will be assembled in Berlin and tested for quality and functionality. Note that due to a disagreement on quality with one of the factories, the production has been delayed by a few months. Expected shipment currently is September/October 2022.

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Does the KNTRL9 have motorized faders?

No. I looked into this when I started this project, but I had to decide against it for the following reasons:

  • Price: The cheapest (still decent) motorized fader, costs about € 20 a piece. Times 9 for the KNTRL9 makes €180, just on faders. 
  • Power: A motorized fader draws a lot more current than a normal one. Since I want the KNTRL9 to be powered over USB, this wouldn't work.
  • Space: Motorized faders unfortunately are quite bulky. It would make my controller a lot bigger (higher and wider) if I would have to accommodate for such faders. Since my goal was to create a compact and portable controller, this wasn't really an option. 

Does it have a MIDI in/out DIN socket?

The KNTRL9 will have MIDI DIN OUT.

Can I get the KNTRL9 in another color?

For now, the KNTRL9 is available in metallic only. The idea behind this is that it kind of resembles classic equipment from the 1970s.

My question is not answered here

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