Midique KNTRL9

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  • 27 rotary knobs
  • 9 faders
  • 9 full color LEDs
  • 5 templates

The Midique KNTRL9 is a sturdy and precise MIDI mixer. The controller has 27 rotary knobs which are made from stainless steel, making them feel like you are using an instrument rather than a MIDI controller. The controller features 9 faders with each a full color LED. The color of the LED can be set up using the included tool or will automatically assume the color of the track it belongs to in Ableton (using the included MIDI remote script). This way, you always have an overview of which track is what.

The faders and rotary knobs can be set up to use a precision of 10 bits (0-1023), which is more precise than the 7 bits which is the standard in MIDI, giving it a very smooth and precise control.

Using the three buttons on the top you can either switch MIDI preset/bank (the Midique has 5 customizable presets) or go through the tracks in Ableton.

It works for any DAW and, besides USB, has a MIDI DIN OUT connector and thus is not only the perfect controller for your DAW but also for your hardware setup.

It's made from durable materials which have been selected for sturdiness and quality. The KNTRL9 MK2 is hand assembled in Berlin.

The housing is made from aluminium and durable and strong oak (from Germany) or hard, dark and classy walnut (from the Netherlands).

When will receive my controller?

You are making a pre-order. This means that the product is not in stock yet but will be produced as soon as enough orders are in. The planning is to start ordering the parts in the second week of February 2022. In the meantime, I will start producing the parts that I make myself (the woodwork for instance).

As soon as all the parts are in, the controllers will be assembled in Berlin and tested for quality and functionality. Expected shipment is end of spring / start of summer 2022.

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